About us

Where are the Vikings? Where is Old Town? These are the two most common questions asked by tourists visiting Stockholm. Describing how to get to Old Town is seldom a problem, but answering about where the Vikings are is much more difficult. Until now that is – the opening of Vikingaliv! 

Vikingaliv is based on historical facts combined with the most recent findings of Viking history. Facts are presented educationally, playfully, and interactively. Vikingaliv will treat you to illusions, fantasies, and exciting tales.

Vikingaliv will definitely broaden your view of the Viking Age and raise new questions about the Scandinavian past. How could the creation of the “mythical Viking” in the 19th century influence today’s picture of Vikings? As a visitor here, you’ll also be invited on a captivating and breath-taking journey together with our Vikings.

From idea to reality

The idea for Vikingaliv came from the big international interest of the Viking Ages, and the fact that there was a need to experience the Viking Age in a fast, modern and interesting way, from a historical point of view. On this basis, a very creative and experienced team was formed, and together they have put together a concept that will put the Vikings on the map of Stockholm. The founders are Staffan Götestam, responsible for directing and script, LG Nilsson, responsible for design and scenography and Fredik Uhrström, Executive Chairman.

Ulf Larsson knew that one of the boathouses in the Wasa docks in Djurgården could be rented and the project then began to take shape.  Next addition to the team was Björn Sundeby, who funded a feasibility study. LG Nilsson and Fredrik Uhrström then got into contact with Olof Stenhammar who wanted to get on board together with the entrepreneurs Per Falk and Hans Olofsson. The investment firm Vator Securities also saw the potential of the project and helped to bring in the final funding need to get Vikingaliv off the ground.

Read more about all the initiative takers here.

Vikingaliv – Stockholm’s new tourist attraction

Vikingaliv is now well on its way to becoming a reality. The aim is to be a new, exciting and interesting tourist attraction in Stockholm. Both Stockholmers and tourists will have the chance to experience one of the most captivating periods in Swedish history – the Viking Age.