Fredrik Uhrström

Chairman of the Board

Co-founded Junibacken in Stockholm, an attraction with an annual turnover of SEK 68 million and about 400 000 visitors each/per year. He was the CEO of Junibacken for six years and is today working as an independent consultant to growth and innovation companies.


Olof Stenhammar

Investor/Board Member

Founder of OMX (now a part of Nasdaq), Olof holds an honorary doctorate in Economics from Stockholm School of Economics, an honorary doctorate in Philosophy from University of Lund, and currently runs the hotel, conference centre and country club Siggesta Gård in Värmdö/on Värmdö island.


Per Falck

Investor/Board Member

CEO and owner of SLG International, which was awarded the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce World Class Prize in 2005, and is active in 19 countries.


Peter Thurell

Board Member
Ulf Larsson, VD Vikingaliv

Ulf Larsson

CEO of the Project

Previously CEO of Junibacken. Ulf Larsson has been working as a CEO, Deputy CEO and CFO for over 25 years in the tourism industry. He has been the CEO of Gröna Lund, the Globe Arenas, and the President of Parks & Resorts Scandinavia.


Björn Sundeby


Founder and board member for IST AB, one of the Nordic Region’s largest IT and knowledge-based companies in the field of education and learning. Since his twenties, Björn has been a “serial entrepreneur” and have started about/over 30 companies, mostly within IT.


LG Nilsson

Creative Director

Established story-teller, author and lecturer. LG has worked with tourist attractions, such as Sweden’s Millennium Exhibition at Disney World in Florida, Siggesta Gård, Gustavsberg Docklands and Velamsund Nature Reserve.


Staffan Götestam

Artistic Director

Co-founded Junibacken in Stockholm. Producer, director and dramatist. Produced and directed 40+ plays and musicals. Many years of experience of leading/managing large art projects, and has directed and produced in Copenhagen, Moscow and Beijing.