The Exhibition

We welcome you into the exhibition where, based on the latest archaeological and historical findings, you’ll see what the Viking Age might have been like. This is an exhibition on the history of the Vikings, at a time when there were neither kingdoms nor parliaments ruling our society.


Vikingaliv offers daily guided introductions to the exhibition. The introductions take place every hour from 10.30 am to 5:30 pm. The introductions are included in the entrance fee.


You can learn about the role of children and women, how people lived, what they cultivated and ate, and how they travelled. You’ll see the impact of the slave trade, looting in the West, and religious practices.


Presented here are also about 30 objects on loan from the Swedish History Museum, home to one of the world’s largest Viking exhibitions.


You’ll even meet a life-size Viking, created using DNA from bones preserved at the Sigtuna Museum. The exhibition also provides examples of completely new archaeological knowledge that is currently reshaping our view of the Viking Age.


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