The Exhibition

Welcome to the exhibition that shows life in the Viking age. Here you will learn about the everyday life – how people lived and what they ate – and about trade, travel and looting.

You can see archeological finds, borrowed from Stockholm’s History Museum’s big collection, and you can meet a man who lived in Sigtuna, outside Stockholm, in the Viking era!


In the exhibition there is an audio guide that you can connect to with your smartphone. It is offered in: Swedish, English, German, Finnish, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and French.


Daily guided tours are given in the exhibition, both in Swedish and in English:


10:30 am Guided tour for families, in Swedish, (recommended age: 7 years)

11:30 am Swedish tour

12:30 pm English tour

1:30 pm Swedish tour

2:30 pm Guided tour, in Swedish, for families (recommended age: 7 years)

3:30 pm English tour

4:30 pm Swedish tour

5:15 pm English tour


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