Ragnfrid’s Saga – a journey back to the Viking Age

Ragnfrid’s Saga is an 11-minute long Viking Ride where you’re taken on a journey that will show you parts of the real Viking history. Here, you’ll meet the main character, Ragnfrid, and her husband Harald. You’ll visit the farms, meet the chiefs, witness the slave trade in the East and looting in the West, and watch the creation of power and religious practices. Sound, lighting, settings, and atmosphere create the illusion of being there – in real life.

The journey begins with Ragnfrid and Harald, on beautiful but haggard Frösala farm in Uppland, and takes you via Birka, across the Baltic Sea to Kiev and Miklagård, Old Norse for Constantinople, and finally to Hedeby and the British Isles. Will Harald survive the storms and battles to save the farm?


Join a perilous adventure – this is life and death.