For any Northern European travelling north from Germany to Scandinavia in the Viking Age, there was one unmissable stopping-off point: Hedeby. Between the eighth century and the middle of the eleventh, this Jutland town was the major trading centre in the region.

Kalle the Runecarver teaches you to brew Viking mead

Mead is basically a honey wine. But when you look for recipes, it seems as though mead can be brewed from almost anything. There are recipes with exotic ingredients like honey extract, Demerara sugar, lemon, raisins, yeast stopper and clarifying agents, etc… but of course none of those ingredients belong in a real Viking mead.…

The Völva, the female shaman

One of the fairly known aspects of Viking religion is the roll of the Völv: the female shaman. We know of her existence due to written sources and from the archaeological discoveries of her sacred staff. Here is an extract from the book Vikingaliv (Viking Life) written by Dick Harrison and Kristina Svensson: