Questions and answers

  • What is Vikingaliv?

Vikingaliv offers an interactive exhibition showing several aspects of the Viking’s history. Also, here is Ragnfrid’s Saga; a Viking ride where you can follow Ragnfrid and her family for a couple of dramatic years in the 900’s. Here is also a shop and a restaurant; Glöd.


  • How much does it cost to visit Vikingaliv?

The admission to Vikingaliv is 159 SEK for adults and 119 SEK för children, we offer free entrance to children under 7 years old. Students and seniors: 139 SEK


  • Can I pay with cash at the entrance to Vikingaliv?

No, Vikingaliv is a cash-free museum. However, we accept all credit cards.


  • Can I bring a stroller into Vikingaliv?

No, due to fire safety you are not allowed to bring a stroller into Vikingaliv. But you are welcome to borrow a Babybjörn at the entrance.


  • Can I bring my dog to Vikingaliv?

No, due to allergies and the health of the animals themselves, they must remain outside.


  • Can we bring a packed lunch and eat it at Vikingaliv?

Vikingaliv has no space where you can eat a packed lunch. But Djurgården is full of green areas great for a picnic.


  • Is it possible to buy food at Vikingaliv?

Yes! At Vikingaliv, you find Restaurant Glöd. They serve everything from the rustic Viking Pan to salads and pastries. Of course, here is mead to drink for anyone who wants!


  • Can I visit Restaurant Glöd without paying entrance?



  • Can I visit your museum shop without paying entrance?



  • Can we buy tickets to Vikingaliv in advance?

Yes, you can buy tickets in advance. Once purchased, you will receive your digital tickets. Link to ticket page


  • How long does a regular visit  take?

A visit to Vikingaliv usually takes between 1 and 2 hours. But of course you can stay for as long as you like.


  • What is the Viking Ride?

Ragnfrid’s Saga is an 11-minute-long ride where you are taken on a historically-based journey about life in the Viking age year 963. The ride begins at Frösala Farm, home of Ragnfrid and her husband Harald. From there you will go along on a journey and witness the looting in the West and the thrall trade in the East. With sound, light and moving settings, you travel through the story given by Ragnfrid herself.


  • Is the Viking Ride scary?

The Viking Ride is recommended for children from the age of 7. Children under the age of 7 are welcome to ride if the accompanying adult believes that the child will appreciate the experience.


  • In what languages is Ragnfrid’s Saga available?

We currently offer Swedish, English, German, Finnish, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and French.


  • Is Ragnfrid’s Saga included in the entrance fee?



  • Can we go for a second ride on Ragnfrid’s Saga?

Depending on availability, your party may go on a second ride on Ragnfrid’s Saga.


  • How do I get to Vikingaliv?

Here is how to find us


  • Can we park our car nearby Vikingaliv?

Vikingaliv has no parking. Djurgården provides a few parking spaces. We therefore recommend using public transport or walking to Vikingaliv.


  • Are all your activities indoors?

Yes, all activities at Vikingaliv are indoors.


  • Can I go on the Viking Ride with a wheelchair?

You can go on the Viking Ride if you are able to get out of the wheelchair, by yourself or with the help of someone accompanying you. The wheelchair itself cannot be brought onto the ride.


  • How wheelchair accessible is Vikingaliv?

Vikingaliv has an elevator between the two floors. Getting around in a wheelchair in the exhibition is no problem.


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